The Stolz Group - We combine exclusive family brand names
Our concept

It does not depend on the branch and the line of our actions we create
the extraordinary brands. We create the brands of the highest quality
and we provide the first class services.

We attach our greatest importance to the subtle details,
we look for original solutions.

Our goal that we still try to achieve
is the satisfaction of our customers.

Our brands

Tomasz Stolz Photography

This is a company that specializes in professional advertisement photos of hotels, guest houses and restaurants. Our experience in that branch is that of many years, we use the equipment of the highest class and the eye of our photographer is sensitive to every detail, These all factors are of great advantage while preparing advertisements of such objects. With precision and passion, knowing working with the tourists and in a hotel form both sides that of a visitor and that of an insider meaning owner, our photographer understanding their needs creates the photos that show perfectly the charm of the places and the amount of work the owner had to make to create them this way.

Our world does not lack photographers who specialize in photos of the interiors. But not many of them know and understand the hotel's owner and their work. Tomarz Stolz grew up in the touristic branch, He has been an insider since his childhood. He started to make his photos in his parents' guest house, then in their friends' facilities. He started to discover new techniques and broadened his professional views. Many years have passed since that day and now his methods and skills bring him the possibility of working with the most popular and known hotels and restaurants in Poland.

The works of Tomasz Stolz are characterised by gentle, natural light and the best quality of the photo that fulfil the expectations of the most famous world's agencies. They might be used for broadly understood advertising and commercial purposes - from presentations to billboards, flyers, brochures, Web pages and Power Point presentations.

However, one must remember that Tomasz Stolz' photos are more than only advertisement photo.

Combining his passion for photography with his passion for music he is a perfect photographer of music and musical events. He had already made photos of Beata Bednarz, Sabina Olbrich-Szafraniec, Maestro Marcin Nałęcz-Niesiołowski , Ewa Biegas, Eva Nikolov, Anna Lubańska, Bojidar Nikolov, Mariusz Godlewski , the Choir of ¦l±ski University "Harmonia" conducted by Izabella Zielecka-Panek, Chamber Music Choir of the ¦l±sk Philharmonics in Katowice, Igor Dohovič, Katarzyna Laskowska, Gabika Hübnerová, Sylwester Smulczyński , String Quartet of the Chamber Music Orchestra AUKSO, Lucia Knoteková, The Absolvent Choir, Estonian TV Youth Choir, Grande Chorale de Godomey, Broadway Theatre from Szczecin.

He makes photos of landscapes, nature and events.

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Author's photos on canvas

Photos on canvas are a new dimension of photography. They are noble as a painting but suit both the modern and classical interiors. The photos are printed with high resolution on Italian, photo canvas, stretch on the stretcher bar and covered with varnish. Such pictures are ready for being put on the wall without additional bar.

The pictures show a wide range of topics and can be bought in our web shop or in Sabat restaurants (In the summer season in Pobierowo, Rewal and Niechorze and the whole year long in Stargard Szczeciński or in "Palace - Luxury Rooms" w Pobierowo). The photos are made of high quality photo that are especially chosen for this purpose.

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This is the youngest brand form the STOLZ GROUP. The purpose of is providing the most demanding customers with the high quality photo that may be used by the publishing houses, advertising agencies and private customers. They may be used for a wide range of purposes - from publications on the Web pages to the newspapers and commercials. The photos are sold with Royalty Free licence in our Web shop operating similarly to the majority of Internet photo banks.

What distinguished from other such services are the extraordinary, unique, photos of one photographer that have not been published anywhere else. They are of the highest quality and were made using the best top class equipment with the professional optics.

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Palace - Luxury Rooms

This is the leading brand of the STOLZ GROUP. We have gathered our experience for many years. This experience in leading a guest house together with our flair for art let us create a building that is in its architectural perception and interiors of the highest possible standard. We have chosen all the materials, staff, craftsmen and techniques that were able to create for us a remarkable end effect.

Our guests may choose from four luxurious apartments with balcony, comfortable lobby and a swimming pool with heated water. "Palace" is situated in a beautiful pine forest only 70 meters from the sandy beach. Not the number of our customers but their comfort and the possibility to relax properly is for us of the greatest importance.

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